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About Us

Energy Savings Strategies


Energy Saving Strategies provides comprehensive energy efficiency consulting and project implementation for our clients, specializing in energy efficient lighting systems. Successfully completing over 2,000+ projects in 46 states since 2001, ESS’s group of highly qualified professionals strives to configure projects to achieve an enhanced environment with maximum energy savings and the
fastest ROI possible.

Industries We Serve:

Our experience assures outstanding service to a remarkably diverse clientele, from large companies to small- and mid-size businesses, in these and other industries: Aviation, Educational, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing & Distribution, Major Retail and Real Estate Holdings.

Strategic Partnerships

We work with all utility companies across the country to ensure that you get any rebates available in your local area.

Industry Leaders

Leader is design & installation of energy efficient lighting system for new construction projects & existing facilities.

Return on Investment

Our personalized approach for each client affords site-specific turnkey projects focusing on an average return on investment of 30%


Energy Efficient Lighting Design & Installation

Founded in 2002 by experienced energy management professionals

Energy Saving Strategies (ESS) is an industry leader in the design and installation of energy efficient lighting systems for existing institutional, commercial and industrial facilities. We are continually monitoring energy measures and emerging technologies to identify proven strategies and cost saving ideas for our clients.
Energy Efficient Lighting Design and Installation, Securing Utility Rebates, EPAct Federal Tax Deduction Certification, and Turnkey Lighting Project Management

With a Texas based team of professional auditors, design engineers, project managers and installers, ESS is uniquely qualified to deliver high quality lighting projects for its clients across the US.