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Energy Saving Strategies

Founded in 2002 by experienced energy management professionals, Energy Saving Strategies (ESS) is a leader in the design and installation of energy efficient lighting systems for existing institutional, commercial and industrial facilities.

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Lighting System Experts.

Energy efficient lighting

Are your lighting systems in need of an upgrade? Our knowledgeable energy advisors are well versed in providing complete turnkey projects for a wide spectrum of industries. From healthcare facilities to warehouse spaces, we are here to take care of your lighting needs.


We understand that lighting needs vary from industry to industry and will design a solution perfect for you


Our experience allows us to complete your project with as little downtime as possible regardless of your industry.

Turnkey Solutions

You are busy enough, right? We understand, which is why we are a one-stop shop for your lighting project.

Exterior Lighting

Tired of those areas that just aren’t lit quite well enough? New lights can save money and make these areas safer.

Interior Lighting

Are dim areas a problem? Safety Hazard? We can help guide you to the best lighting solution for your property.

Minimal Downtime

Downtime is a problem regardless of your industry. We cater to your needs to get in and out as fast as possible.

Before & Afters

A Difference You Can See

Increase Your Savings. ESS’s personalized approach for each client engagement affords site-specific turnkey projects focusing on an average return on investment of 30%.